Hair loss is considered to be the biggest stress these days after the obstinate recession that continues to rear its ugly head in the US and Europe. There are various reasons which lead to the unwelcome problem of hair loss. These can be outlined as factors linked to heredity, UV damage from sun, aging, or routine use of hair styling products.  After a gap of so many years, finally the women in the US and Canada have seen the power of Keranique in addressing various problems linked to hair among men and women.   

Keranique system uniquely and comprehensively works on various aspects of hair loss and & steadily acts to check hair loss. As a complete package that includes revitalizing shampoo, voluminizing conditioner, fortifying mousse, hair re-growth treatment, and a follicle boosting serum, it makes for increased hair manageability, volume and fullness.

Keranique voluminizing conditioner noticeably enhances hair’s texture, volume, luster and smoothness. The specially formulated shampoo works to nourish and soothe hairs while gently cleansing and vitalizing the scalp. Various vitamins and antioxidants used in its composition adequately take care of your hair by gently cleansing your scalp. The one-of-its-kind hair regrowth & rejuvenation system contains the only FDA approved ingredient to prevent hair loss and re-grow hair. Any Keranique review will tell you that women who tried this hair loss product reported a visual improvement in the volume, luster, texture and smoothness of their hair.