If you often use cream-based products on hair to add volume and texture, stop. They usually make your hair appear oily and may damage them in the long run. If your hair lack thickness and need a volume boost, use products designed especially for such hair.

Keranique Follicle Boosting Serum is a popular product in this regard. First of all, it is non-oily. Secondly, it is an advanced product prepared in lab by hair specialists. Thirdly, it is easily available online at a price that does not thin out your pocket!
About the product

The serum is meant to add thickness and volume to limp mane. The formula is fortified with nourishing elements. They stimulate follicle function. The product is meant to work at the root level to provide a boost to hair growth cycle.

At times, follicles may become sluggish in their function. The serum activates them. Kopexil, the active ingredient found in this product helps to deal with thinning hair effectively. Studies show that it works similar to minoxidil, which has hair-growing property. So, it triggers hair growth when used on a regular basis. Ultimately, it helps to make mane appear fuller and healthier.

How to apply

Apply a few drops of this serum directly on clean scalp daily. Massage with fingertips after application for better absorption. Do not rinse hair.

Qualities you will love

Keranique Follicle Boosting Serum makes hair fuller, thicker, and healthier. It utilizes stem cell technology to nourish hair roots. The serum is weightless. You can safely use it every day for the ultimate hair health.

The serum offers an intelligent solution to women with thinning hair. You may not want to undergo a serious hair growth treatment. You can use this serum to give your mane a health and volume boost. Meanwhile, also use Keranique shampoo & hair products for added benefits to hair.