Ever noticed that the products you use have an ingredient called Rose Oil? Yes, roses are for more than just giving and receiving. Roses are considered the most beautiful flowers in the world. Rose oil is extracted by steam distillation of fresh Damascus Rose. It is full of vitamin C, which is wonderful for healthy skin.

The rose oil has an astringent property, so it is great for fighting acne. Using the oil on your skin can cleanse it of bacteria that incites acne. It can also be used to tone and lift saggy skin. Rose oil is a great skin toner for those with oily skin and makes a wonderful moisturizer for women with dry skin. The oil can tighten the skin tissues, which is great for those fighting wrinkles and saggy skin.

Adding rose oil to your skin care regimen can help fight present wrinkles and help prevent new ones from forming. The oil can also open your pores, so that cleansing the dirt out and oils out will be much easier. Rose oil can heal unwanted spots on your face, like the scars left by boils and acne. Rose oil also has a cooling effect, which is great for soothing sunburned and highly sensitive skin.