Keranique is the name that comes to the mind at once when we talk of hair loss in women…and why not…for this brand has send ripples in the hair care world through its powerful working. One of the best things about this brand is that it suits all types of hair. So, you need not determine your hair type first and then go around stores seeking a product made specifically for your hair type.

Just bring home Keranique’s products and relax!

As you use this brand you realize that you, no more, need to worry about your tresses. The products take care of your beloved locks like a baby.

Rough texture? Worry not. Simply use the brand’s Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and Volumizing Keratin Conditioner. Both products close cuticles and smoothen hair texture. This, in turn, increases hair shine and strength.

Thinning hair? Worry not. Again, the shampoo and the conditioner are meant to add volume and fullness to hair. The keratin substance that forms a coat around cuticles to close them also adds volume to each strand, giving your mane an overall fuller look.

Dull hair? Worry not. Keranique’s shampoo & hair products are meant to bring life to hair. They increase heath of hair; a result of which you find your tresses livelier and easier to manage.

Happy hair; healthier hair

When hair are happy they obey your styling commands. Stressed-out hair tend to become wild and too stubborn to listen to you. Hair are stressed due to excessive use of harsh products, even too much shampooing, buildup of product residues on scalp, and as a side effect of your stressful life.

Keranique helps to ease out hair by removing product buildup on scalp, rejuvenating hair, conditioning them well, and being gentle on them. The products respect your tresses and pamper them.