Experts suggest that you ought to worry less about Keranique cost and more about correct use of the brand’s shampoo. The latter will determine how your tresses look and behave in the end. Cost of Keranique won’t hurt your pocket, but incorrect use of shampoo can certainly hurt your hair, they say.

Lathering up the right way
Usually, people scrub shampoo hard over their scalps. Take it easy, ladies. Your hair comprises just delicate surfaces, not some hard metallic surface. Form lather by taking some shampoo in your palms and rubbing them together. Then apply the lather gently to scalp.

Use your fingertips to massage the cleansing agent on scalp skin. Don’t forget the nape and behind ears.

Focus your shampoo on scalp rather than hair. Some people apply shampoo along hair length. This is unnecessary. In fact, if you rub strands together, it can break open cuticles. This can damage hair texture. Shampoo on hair can make them drier.

Your hair will get its share of the cleansing agent, as you rinse the shampoo from the scalp, say experts. The lather travels from scalp to the entire length of hair with water, taking away impurities from strands along with it.

Similarly, you must also be careful about the correct usage of hair regrowth products. Incorrect application brings incomplete results, warn experts. If in doubt, please contact the brand’s experts; but ensure you know how to use the product to extract the maximum benefit from it.

Right cause for worry

You must worry about the damaged condition of your tresses. If you ignore them, you might lose your hair beauty. For example, rough hair texture indicates open cuticles. This exposes the cortex of hair to create further damage. Reviews say that Keranique’s shampoo and conditioner seals cuticles and repairs damaged hair texture.

So, Keranique cost does not matter as much as what Keranique does. If it does good, it is priceless.