Keranique is the result of hard work put by a team of scientists in the lab. The idea was to give women a gentle hair loss solution, which is free of sulfates and balanced in pH. The team used a mix of ingredients chosen meticulously through research and trials. The formula was put in the market after testing it for safety and efficacy.

The result is that Keranique is a hit. It amazingly clicked with all hair types and with women of all ages. The dream of flaunting fuller looking hair has become a reality, that too, at home. You do not need any expensive salon treatments to add volume and glamor to your tresses. Simply use Keranique’s products and watch your hair transform.

Ingredients of this formula are designed to create fuller looking hair. That is the reason experts regard this formula perfect for thinning hair. Keranique ingredients also include vitamins and other fortifying elements, plus keratin substances. This makes it great for weak and damaged hair, as the formula nourishes hair from roots and repairs strands through keratin.

Scientists have, at last, found a terrific formulation to give women one of the most sought after hair qualities - fuller looking hair. It is time to bring Keranique home and try this lab-tested formula.

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