Women do not go bald, unless they undergo chemotherapy or decide to shave off their head deliberately. Women lose hair in a diffused manner, which means their hair fall from the entire scalp. That’s why they get the thinning appearance on their manes… and this is what makes it difficult to treat female hair loss. They are usually bad candidates for hair transplant.

Aging adds fuel to the fire

Hair follicles shrink with age. They start creating fine and weak hair and, eventually, stop creating hair at all.

Another reason why it is difficult to treat female hair loss is that it is caused by a multitude of factors. It could be genes, aging, malnutrition, pregnancy, menopause, excess stress, excess use of hair products, and frequent salon treatments like bleaching, perming, coloring, and others.

Keranique comes to the rescue

This marvelous hair care brand has managed to do what other products could not. Even hair surgeons are impressed. The brand has managed to give women fuller looking, healthier hair irrespective of the reason behind their hair thinning.

This means you can enjoy a lustrous, fuller mane at any age and despite any circumstance in your life.


  • Keranique’s products help to remove previous chemical buildup on scalp and rejuvenate it.
  • Keranique shampoo & hair products stimulate follicle function and nourish hair from roots.
  • The products add volume to hair and help to reduce profuse thinning.
  • They add shine to hair and improve their texture. This gives hair an overall beautiful appearance.
  • The products keep hair moisturized and soft.
  • They close open cuticles and also help to deal with split ends.

Keranique is the unanimous choice of women suffering from hair thinning. The formulation creates no side effects, as, so far, none has been reported. It is found to suit all hair types and women of all ages above 25.