There are innumerable hair care products out there, promising amazing hair growth. However, most of these products do not offer the expected results in checking hair loss or developing thicker-looking hair. If you have been trying to develop fuller hair but are let down by such products, Keranique is here to help you out.

This hair care system comprises an entire range of unique products designed to help you maintain your hair at its best. The hair rejuvenation solution is perhaps the most notable product in the Keranique system. It is, in fact, a 2 percentage solution of Monoxidil – the sole FDA approved ingredient with proven capabilities to rejuvenate hair. This hair solution has been shown to be effective in helping hair loss in women and boosting the re-growth of thicker-looking hair.

The follicle boosting serum is another product in the Keranique range designed to make your hair appear thicker and fuller. It improves the appearance of hair thickness and makes hair healthy-looking. However, experts suggest using any one of these products and evaluating what works best on your hair type in helping hair grow. You can then contact the product specialists to get a customized hair care kit.