Pretty quasi-bride knows his body characteristics , but knowing what type of style of wedding template fits yourself? Please let our professional advisers to tell you about:

NO.1 Slim skinny type bride
Slim slender, no sensuality .
Dress rules : princess style wedding dress can make you look like a beautiful and noble ballet dancer.
Minefield : Basically all of the styles are suitable for you, put on the body are very nice . However, if the clavicle is too prominent, it looks a little skinny , be sure to avoid the formal closing of the collar body shape wedding dress.


One-shoulder Pick-up Chapel Train Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

NO.2 Short waist bride
Between the ribs to the hips distance is relatively small , we must pay attention to waist plate of wedding dress.
Dress rules : Cheap ball gown wedding dresses, tailored skirt upper body fit , hem and gradually expand to full Peng Exhibition, which can gracefully stretching your physique , if you love your shoulders, but try portrait or halter style collar -shaped
Minefield : eliminate personal tight wedding dress , will be more prominent your short waist.

NO.3 Coarse waist bride
Waist is not Obvious, from shoulder to hip line almost straight!
Dress rules : Cheap ball gown wedding dresses design less stressed your waist line, make you look slender and slim
Minefield : resolutely put an end to the princess style wedding dress or have significant design features of wedding dress will be too much focus on the waist line of sight . High waist style wedding dresses is a good choice, but also very suitable for pregnant mothers bride.

NO.4 Plump type bride
Very sensual , very fullness in the chest , a little belly, rounded hips
Dress rule: choose a large or small A pendulum swing plate -type wedding dress , very possession of live flesh , one hundred test accurate .
Minefield : resolutely put an end to the strap style, avoid wearing closed body style custom dress.

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