Hair – one of the most precious assets of women.
Hair loss – one of the most depressive conditions for a lady.

Keranique – one of the most effective hair loss treatments in the market today.

More about this treatment

This is a serious hair loss treatment. It uses a potent hypertensive drug, which is established to contain hair-growing property. The FDA has approved the use of this drug in hair regrowth treatment in limited concentration. It is up to 5 per cent for treating male pattern baldness and up to 2 per cent for treating female pattern baldness.

More about female pattern baldness

It is also called Androgenetic Alopecia. Main causes of this condition are genes, aging, and a dip in Androgen level. This is a male hormone. The dip usually happens around menopause.

Contrary to its name, females do not go bald in this condition. Instead, their hair begin to thin out from the entire scalp, giving mane an unattractive, limp look.

Why Keranique is for women only

Keranique’s formulation is designed to deal with diffuse shedding, which is a characteristic of female pattern baldness. Only women experience such kind of hair loss. So, here is a solution that focuses on female’s condition.
Most hair products on market shelves are designed to treat hair loss in general, which is more focused on baldness. That’s why women often find them useless.

Keranique’s treatment has given women a ray of hope, as it is found to work miraculously on their scalps. This formulation, prepared by hair specialists, is available online. So, a lady can discreetly buy it and begin her treatment at home without letting the world know about it. For many women, hair thinning is an embarrassing situation.

Keranique gives them a golden chance to tackle with their situation confidently so that can flaunt fabulous tresses once again.